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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

I've just spent the past while going through the last 10 or so pages and I 'liked' so many posts I would have made CynthiaHaskins raise an eyebrow. Don't judge me, people - I haven't been this excited by a DAYS episode since I can remember - including the cliff hanger. :laugh:

Seriously - I watched this one last night and then AGAIN this morning. I never, ever do that. And particularly when James Scott is no where to be seen. THAT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN! :o

Hands down - the most fun I've had watching this show in years. It was everything a good, soapy reveal should be - full of drama, suspense, verbal bitch slaps, tears, and comic relief.

I don't even know where to start. Hope was fabulous throughout. Loved her "STEP OFF, RAFE!!!" And she and Casey D were absolutely cracking me up with their timing - every time he'd start to mouth off she'd shut him down and he'd totally cow tow with a quick "Okay" or "Fine". It's not nearly as funny in print but watching it had me totally snorting. And I'm not a CD fan - but enjoyed him immensely today.

Chandler did a wonderful job showing Will's internal conflict as he was deciding whether or not to speak up. Really powerful in a very quiet, understated way. I agree with Matt's earlier comment about the camera work and staging of Will's announcement with Sami in the background. And again when Will was pleading with Sonny and you could see Sami looking on in concern in the background. I think it was intended to add fuel to Sami's AWESOME smack down of Gabi. Mama Bear came out in full force - and she reacted emotionally and viciously. I LOVED IT! Hypocritical as she was - it was like a reunion with the character I always loved for years. I do have to wonder how close both AS and GG were to choking on some of their lines, though - I mean, having Rafe ask Nick why he would claim a baby that wasn't his. HILARIOUSLY hypocritical. At least with Sami the dialogue basically had her acknowledge her hypocrisy with the "I can't believe I didn't see you coming - you should have looked so familiar to me..." Apparently Rafe lacks the ability to be as self reflective. :rolleyes:

Blake Berris gave me the heebie jeebies when he delivered his little warning to Chad. And I think he might have made Casey D crap his pants a little. :scared:

Six - I'm right there with you on being a little bit pissed off that they've made me really like Lisa Rinna's Billie again - just as they're sending her off. Idiots. Billie and Kate were just the perfect amount of comic relief today. The line about Kate being a great grandma was great, but I also loved her snarky "The day is already shot all to hell", as well.

I feel like I'm forgetting all sorts of other great moments to mention - which is pretty freaking great in and of itself. :applause:

Fantastic episode - and I can't WAIT to see what happens next.

ETA: I knew it! I can't not mention how good I thought BD was in those scenes with Will in the park. Really stellar acting - I loved how passionate he was in sharing with Will how this baby will change his life and become the number one priority. Well written and well played - particularly with creepy Nick lurking in the background getting an earful of Lucas basically convincing Will to fight for his kid.
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