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Jan 15 2013, 11:16 AM
Yeah, I didn't mean tending to the baby was the priority, as of course there is no physical baby there to tend to. I meant dealing with the fallout of the announcement, and the handling of the "baby" situation, to put it a little crudely, if that makes sense. Addressing what has just happened, focusing on the decisions he has made regarding the life he has created. It makes absolute sense that he would want to find Sonny, I wouldn't have expected him not to - it's the man he loves whom he has hurt, and Will realizes this and is scared. Makes sense. But in light of what has just been revealed, and the reality in which Will now finds himself, I don't think exposing this truth and allowing it to just exist there was the best handling of the situation. And perhaps why Lucas was insistent that Will address this first before looking for Sonny.
I agree that Will needed to stick up for Gabi, although having some private time to talk to Sonny first is totally understandable. Nick and Gabi have had each other to lean on for weeks, though I haven't seen much turmoil there. Will's been alone, struggling with his feelings and what to do. He's needed someone in his corner (and totally should have confided in Sonny or Marlena), and so it makes perfect sense to me that he would run to the man he loves. We don't know if he would have talked about the relationship, or possibly ask for Sonny's help. I'm not saying I would have liked to see Sonny give it right away, but Will's been pretty alone in a situation where no one should be alone.

Personally, I dislike the character of Gabi and think she should be thrown in jail for abandoning Melanie to Andrew, but without Nick breathing down her neck, she has been compassionate and caring toward Will through this. So, I can get behind the idea that Will needed to support her. It's true that Will didn't stop the wedding, first Chad and then Eric did, but then again he should have stepped up earlier and this wouldn't have been so public. I still think someone with some compassion - even Eric - got Will and Gabi in a room, they could work this out easily.
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