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Jan 15 2013, 10:41 AM
Jan 15 2013, 10:19 AM
Awww, lysie, you can't do this to me! Early funny, weird, probably JER-inspired fantasies for Lumi, le sigh. Cry, cry, cry. Where is a pic of the Osbourne nightmare one? =)
Here is the Ozzy fantasy, boy JER did three fantasies in this one clip, but you KNEW from watching the clips that she was falling for him big time, lol....and he wasn't far behind.

Thanks for that LL - knew I could count on you. Ah, I loved this silly Lumi time - you could just feel on the horizon all that I had been wishing and hoping for since like 1996 =)

But those clips are pretty meaningful, despite the silliness, given current storylines. How embarrassed and let down by his parents Will is - one can see clearly why Will would think allowing his child to be born into a "stable" married family would be best, even if that thinking is perhaps a little naive or the product of a juvenile understanding of "happy" and "perfect". And you can clearly see how Lucas and Sami here are still so young, trying to be grown-up parents and not really always doing the best job, but still the love they have for their son is central. And you can also see Sami make this about herself again - Lucas was ready to respect Will's wishes, and Sami wants to prove that she is normal and can provide a normal family for Will. She loves him and wants him happy, but there is also some selfishness there, which is spot-on Sami. (and oh, I time when I could still root for Sami - seems like so long ago now)
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