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Yeah, I didn't mean tending to the baby was the priority, as of course there is no physical baby there to tend to. I meant dealing with the fallout of the announcement, and the handling of the "baby" situation, to put it a little crudely, if that makes sense. Addressing what has just happened, focusing on the decisions he has made regarding the life he has created. It makes absolute sense that he would want to find Sonny, I wouldn't have expected him not to - it's the man he loves whom he has hurt, and Will realizes this and is scared. Makes sense. But in light of what has just been revealed, and the reality in which Will now finds himself, I don't think exposing this truth and allowing it to just exist there was the best handling of the situation. And perhaps why Lucas was insistent that Will address this first before looking for Sonny.
But shouldn't his conversation with Sonny fall under the "handling the baby situation" umbrella? If Wilson is as serious as they think they are, which as 21or 22 year olds, they probably aren't, this situation would have a larger impact on Sonny than the random family members who were assembled, unless Will is gong to be counting on them to help raise the baby, which is possible.
What Will should have done was stay and face the fall-out and explain himself to his family. He should have stood up for Gabi, and he should be seeing some of the things that Nick is doing and saying are red flags that could mean that Gabi and the baby are in danger, especially since Gabi is supposedly his dearest friend and he loves her very much. (Since so many parallels are being thrown up, Will and Gabi as best friends and parents to a child is perfect since that has always been the role for Sami and Lucas that really showed the very best parts of them both.) That's what Sonny would have done. Will running after Sonny instead, however, was exactly what Will would do and did. I think it was written perfectly in character, and it would have been weird if Will had done anything else.
I think it's too much to expect Will to see these warning signs. Nick's behavior is well within the range of showing concern.

Will should've checked on Gabi, but she had a support system in place. Sonny did not.
Yes, I agree with you that Will going after Sonny instead of staying was the right thing to do, we just disagree on why it was correct. Will totally would not have seen any warning signs in Nick's behavior, even though he has seen many things that have made him think that Nick isn't such a nice guy. Other people might, and I'm sure even Will knows something isn't right in Denmark, hence his finally deciding to come clean. Will chased after Sonny, I think, because it was in character for Will to want to find him, but not for any altruistic reasons. I'd be pretty sure that his reasons would be identical to every reason Sami ever had for chasing a man and damn the consequences. Yes he was worried about Sonny's feelings, but only about Sonny's feelings for him. Sonny would have done the right thing, the stand up thing, and then he would have found Will, explained himself, apologized profusely, and accepted Will's decision. (Moot, ya, because Sonny would not be in such a situation.) Will should not have stayed behind to deal with the fallout and support Gabi, because it wouldn't be in character. I think everyone was written perfectly in character this episode. I know, I can't believe it myself.
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