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Jan 15 2013, 12:40 PM
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I think it's a kick in the gut to Safe fans.

Seems every fanbase is being kicked in the gut except Ejami and Dannifer
To be fair, EJ/Sami fans have been yanked around a bit. And I'm willing to bet that Dan/Jen only exists because it pisses so many people off. So, y'know, it ain't like they're trying to make anyone happy...

I may be really mean here, but I don't consider Gabi that much of a character. I have nothing against the actress but I don't feel like there's enough substance to Gabi to make her someone, let alone someone worth highlighting.
Wasn't meant negatively just a statement of fact right now. And I did forget Gabi fans (if any :shrug: ) are getting a whole lot of her.

Ejami is on full blown and so is Dannifer, everything at this point revolves around these two couples and other character are being destroyed over and over again. All other characters/couples are backburnered for this.
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