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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepesp13. I do agree that Will probably could have handled things better. He did basically just run off after the announcement, but at the same time I get it. He is panicking over Sonny. Was it the best way to handle things with Gabi? Probably not, but I think it was a human response and I don't hate him for it. I'm not really happy with the way Gabi and Nick(especially Nick) have basically been trying to push Will into this so I'm not really having a whole lot of sympathy for either one of them. I know Will had a choice and he could have stepped up before now, but I think he's been having doubts for a while and at least he finally decided to do so. I think that was a first step and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have done so if he really didn't want to have anything to do with this baby. Anyway, I agree with you that he maybe should have handled it better, but really...I don't blame him for running after Sonny either. It just didn't bother me as much as it did others. :smile: And I also didn't like the way Lucas kind of berated him. That poor kid needs a hug and someone who will listen to him, but at the same time I do get that Lucas was trying to talk to him and Will really wasn't interested at that time...so I guess I can see why Lucas would get upset. Oh, the angst! Can't wait for today.
I don't BLAME him for going after Sonny either, I never BLAMED him for that, and I have said repeatedly that I understand. But I also understand Lucas for saying or thinking that answering for what happened in the church and Will's thinking over the well-being of the child is more important, and I agree. And I also don't agree that Lucas berated him, but whatever. What he told Will needed to be said, and I actually saw Will reflect on a choice and not act in front of his father like he knows everything, which is often the attitude I get from him in Willucas convos. So I really appreciated that. Lucas doesn't know everything either, but as I have also said this particulate turn of events hold such an emotional potency for Lucas, that I don't blame his tunnel-vision in speaking from a perspective informed purely by his own experiences, own memories and own hurt. I am not so fond of Will that I think everyone should stop what they are doing to hug him, I guess. I have no doubt that Will will be supported - but in the shock of the reveal, for emotions to run high is not some inexplicable or condemnable thing imo.
Maybe I just want to hug him. ;) I don't know...I just love that character, flaws and all. And his sad faces get me every time. Anyway, I totally understand where you're coming from. I guess "berate" may not be the right word, and I do agree Will needed to hear what Lucas had to say...I just wish Lucas had come across a little...I don't know..quieter? It just seemed like he was yelling at him more than trying to understand where his head is at. Maybe that will come today.
LOL, I understand. I realize many love Will, I guess I am still sore over the events of the Bonnie and Clyde disaster he helped facilitate last summer. Which makes me petty. ;)

And I do sympathize with him and appreciate what he has struggled against to arrive at this point in the baby drama, but I am not so enamored of him that I think he can bypass a talkin-to. And yeah, Lucas yelled - he is loud. But I disagree he was doing that more than trying to understand Will's point of view - Will just seemed disinterested and wasn't answering back with substance, imo. And Lucas had an important point to make. But I though towards the end when he talked about the love he had for Will the moment he found out Will was his, and how learning Will was his son in no way made his life worse, he softened, understandably, and I loved that. I do want to see the convo progress today.
I just watched the whole thing for a second time. Wow, it really was a great episode. I did see Lucas soften towards the end, and I had not really noticed that the first time around. I take back part of what I said. He did start out by being angry and yelling somewhat, but I guess I understand why. This is upsetting to him that Will would just give up any rights to his child. I get that. He did soften up though when he talked about his love for him and I'm hoping that continues into the next episode. I really hope the momentum keeps going in this storyline.
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