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Jan 15 2013, 01:21 PM
Jan 15 2013, 01:13 PM
So, right - Lucas just yelled at Will, and I suspect some will be unhappy. And ideally I would have loved for him to say you are right the custody battles sucked, I get it. And I think he does.

But this is what I have been feeling for the longest time now, since the reveal of Lucas going to prison for Will. And then I think of all Will has said regarding his upbringing. Not that Will is wrong. Not that his memories aren't valid. But I agree with Lucas that yeah, maybe he does need to be reminded of the sacrifices, b/c I don't think he remembers. There was a very real reason why Will needed to go to Switzerland - and it wasn't because that was part of some custody saga too. And for the custody battles that went on when Will was very young, once his parents agreed to joint custody, I do recall them trying to give their son a stable as home as they could provide. They often failed, and it must have been hard to see his parents get together again and fall apart. But a part of me really loves Lucas saying what he is saying right now - it's been what I have been wanting to yell at Will since I can remember.
I'm very glad that Lucas finally listened to Will at the end, but I will maintain that yelling was the wrong thing to do to his devastated son. He should have listened first. And as for going to jail for Will, that was a well-meaning and very stupid thing to do. Will was then subject to blackmail by EJ, and now Nick is going to use it against him. And Lucas went to jail. I know it was a plot point, but Will was a kid and would have stayed in the juvenile system. Lucas told him to lie and not take responsibility, and now he chooses to yell at Will and tell him to take responsibility? Talk about mixed messages.

I like Lucas and I think BD is doing a good job, and I hope they continue to talk more. And I'm glad Lucas knows Will isn't straight.
it was not about saving will just from jail it also about saving will from ej family
stefano put on lucas when he thougt he shot ej
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