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Life is awesome

Jan 15 2013, 02:28 PM
Jan 15 2013, 02:17 PM
Victor's death-stare to Chud - Beautiful.

billie and Kate- HYSTERICAL! As were those 2 random extras in the back of the church.

What is going on on top of Swiney's head?!?!?!

Julie- Awesome. Wish she would lay the smackdown on Maggie. Maggie annoys me so.

Everyone at the wedding, almost, is wearing black. A sign?

Hope's hair looks great today. But why is she tarted up in her Nighttime Hoe red lipstick? Does the lack of bump-it mean she is regular Hope?

Overall a good episode, but everyone grabbing everyone's arm kinda made me think of square-dancing.

And Chud. UUUUGH.. I wouldd really have enjoyed this weddign reveal much more if they would fucking re-cast Casey. He sucks the life out of every line he delivers!!!
I can see Lucas saying to EJ and Rafe" Man has Sami got you guys whipped"!
Lucas was smart to get out of that situation when he did. Hopefully he'll have a chance with another woman on the canvas.
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