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Jan 15 2013, 07:33 PM
Bjorlin and Mansi's pictures look cheap as hell.

Koslow's picture could've been good if they were closer to her. The whole body shot wasn't needed.

Smith looks great in his picture. His face looks more chiseled. Has someone been working out?

There's more personality in that picture of Deidrick as Chad than the character's shown in almost 4 years.

Mascolo's age is finally catching up to him. He doesn't look good at all.
Freddie tweeted over the weekend that he lost 25 pounds :smile:

I think he looked great either way but I can't deny he looks incredible right now from how fit he is to the hair style.

Everybody looks amazing in these pictures. Nadia is just gorgeous. Casey looks amazing. Kate Mansi is gorgeous as well. I only wish I could look like Lauren Koslow when I am her age.
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