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camera shy
Jan 15 2013, 09:08 AM
It a shame Gabi never found out the role she and Will played in her sister's death. I'm surprised Gabi every gave her the time of day after she cheated on Rafe. But I guess I shouldn't be because Sami always gets to go after others but no one gets to slap the hell out of her or tell her off.
I realize that I've already said this in the past, and that it's one of those situations where people are likely to believe what they want to believe based on character biases, but this is a pet peeve of mine, so I just have to point out that Sami and Will were not responsible for Arianna's death. The only two people who were responsible for Arianna's death were Troy and Arianna herself.

No one pushed Arianna into oncoming traffic. No one was chasing her. Will never even touched Arianna -- he was only having a conversation with her. It was a passionate conversation, yes, because he was trying to protect his mother, but it never grew physical or threatening in any way. Arianna chose to run into the street at that particular moment without bothering to check for oncoming traffic first, and it was just her dumb luck that Troy (who had wanted her dead for a while at that point) was there to seize the opportunity.

I get that a lot of people were rooting for Arianna and E.J. over Sami in that situation, but that doesn't change the fact that what happened on-screen had nothing to do with Sami or Will. As much as I hate E.J., not even he was responsible for Arianna's death, aside from the fact that he was the person who put Troy in her orbit in the first place.
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