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Jan 15 2013, 10:58 AM
My problem is not that Will didn't make the baby an immediate priority, it's that he made his big announcement and then left Gabi to face the fallout alone. I'm glad Will stepped up, but he disappointed me by then immediately running away. I understand he is worried about Sonny. But, he chose to make an announcement in public, when Nick and Gabi clearly did not want him to, and then he took off and let Gabi get reamed by his mother. It's not diminishing his feelings for Sonny to say that I think Will handled the whole thing poorly.
I've seen several people mention this, but technically, Gabi left Will, not the other way around. Gabi ran out of the room as soon as Will made the announcement. She was gone. Yes, she simply ran to another portion of the church, but Will couldn't have known that (and he certainly couldn't have known that Sami was going to "ream" Gabi). Yes, Will could have tried to chase after Gabi, but the fact remains that she left the room first, so it's not like Will just threw his hands in the air and told her, "Sorry, Gabi, but I care more about Sonny than I care about you right now" (not that I would have blamed him if he had, since Gabi stopped acting like she cared about Will the moment that Nick shoved his way into the picture).

Sonny, on the other hand, was still in the room, so I think that it was completely appropriate (not just in-character, but appropriate -- as in, not wrong, nor disappointing) for Will to focus his immediate attention on the person who was still in the room, as opposed to the person who had removed herself from the situation at the first possible opportunity.

If Gabi had been in the same room as Will, getting "reamed", and Will had just ignored that in favor of going to find Sonny, I might be able to understand the criticism, but as it actually played out, I don't think that Will handled the situation poorly at all. :shrug:
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