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Jan 15 2013, 08:27 PM
Jan 15 2013, 08:18 PM
I must be one cold hearted son of a bitch because I think my favorite scene today was the brief moment of brother bonding between Chad and EJ. They were both genuinely proud of the chaos Chad had caused at the wedding and I was smiling right along with both of them. This show really needs someone in addition to Kristen who derives pleasure in making others miserable.

I really hope the past couple of days are the tip of the iceberg with regard to Sami confronting Gabi because I have certainly enjoyed their scenes. Hell, I even enjoyed Sami bitching about Gabi to EJ today. I guess I like Sami when she's fighting with someone regardless if it is Nicole, Carrie, Marlena, Kristen, Kate, Adrienne, etc. Just put Sami with any other female character and have them argue and I'll be entertained.

Lucas and especially Sonny were far too easy on Will. I was hoping both of them would have tore into Will more than what we saw. I'm glad Lucas quickly came around to support his son; and there's no doubt Sonny will be back on Team Will soon as well. I still wish someone besides Rafe would have remained angry with him for more than half an episode.

Has Eric started to regret returning to Salem? He's only been back two months and he's already had to deal with a disastrous wedding and the consequences of two hide the daddy situations. Most priests go their entire lives without dealing with as much craziness.
I also liked the Dimera brothers bonding. I fully expected EJ to pat Chad on the back. He has created an opening for EJ to play hero in the eyes of Sami as we embark on this upcoming custody battle. Sami is at her best when she is flipping off on somebody, hypocrisy on full display. :D I'm looking fwd to her conversation with Will, that's gonna be a good one.
See, I totally had a different take on the scene. I didn't think Everett was proud of Chad at all. I thought he was mocking Chad's pride in what he did, particularly with the snarky remark about why would Abigail be upset by what Chad did. It was clear to me that Everett was not happy about things at all.

Sami and Rafe were both ridiculous in playing the blame game, but Sami still won the battle. I really hope there is some kind of scene with her and Will where he sets her straight. At least Gabi was mostly honest. She admitted the abortion was her idea. The only thing that was possibly fudged was that she thought Will didn't want the baby, but I don't think that's so far out of the realm of reasonableness, particularly when Sami kept attacking her over and over again.

Everett's little scene with Will was very nice and he did look rather hot sitting in Sami's apartment. I wonder if I can find a way to filter Sami out of those scenes because it is really, really hard to watch him with her. And Everett is the polyanna, not EJ. Get it right, Sami. And I have a question for Sami -- how would this have been less of a mess if they had told the truth from the beginning?

I pray to the soap gods that Marlena can bring some rationality to the upcoming custody craziness. I really don't want to hate Will when he lets his mother run roughshod over him like Lucas did with Kate.

Cameron is very pretty. Not a very good actor, but pretty. Hopefully he can improve because as I may have mentioned, he's pretty.

And while this is likely to be an unpopular opinion, I thought Blake was great today. He played the Nick/Gabi scenes perfectly.
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