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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Today's show was good but not as overly good as yesterday.....I again enjoyed seeing Sami behaving like Sami but just to illustrate how much I can't stand the actual character anymore, I totally got up and went to the restroom to floss while her scenes were playing.....years ago, I would have sat glued down watching every minute of Ali's portrayal...boy have times changed. Johnny was cute....boy that little kid is adorable.....he is hands down probably the best actor on the show, lol. Chad and Ej's conversation was meh....whatever...don't care what they had to say, don't care about Chad...I love how Sonny confronted him...and Chad should have gotten the ENTIRE story before jumping to conclusions.

I thought again that Lucas and Will's scenes were very strong. Bryan and Chandler finally got some father/son chemistry going. I loved the toned down conversation, and absolutely LOVED how Lucas ripped into Will when he started his pity party...seriously Will...seriously? I also can't help but find glee in Lucas defending Sami to Will....I still have a little sliver of that Lumi fan left somewhere down in my cold dark heart.....*sniff* I really liked the fact that Will thought that if he confessed to Lucas that he had knocked up Gabi that Lucas could potentially hold onto the idea that Will might be gay. That was a great line and a good reasoning for Will to not open up to his dad. I'm sooooo glad that apparently this show has gotten away from the Lucas is a bigot homophobe dad and I again loved the reference to Lucas attending the PFLAG meetings and really trying...understanding that being gay is not a choice and that he also gets that things can lead to someone conceiving a child regardless of their sexual preference. Kudos to Days for those scenes....both days were well written, and very well acted..Bryan and Chandler continue to impress me.....OH and Nick hearing behind the gate means NOTHING....Lucas didn't say much of anything....Lucas can easily say that he meant that he went to jail (for trying to kill Ej) because his mission was always to protect Will (and Allie).....obviously they will play it off differently and it's a solid plot point but frankly I still think it's pretty weak.

loved the Cameron/Abby scenes.....don't assume Abby girl...don't assume...nuCameron is hot btw....just wanted to throw that out there....
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