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Jan 15 2013, 08:45 PM
Freddie does look good. He looks older, but in a good way. I don't really think he needed to lose that much weight, and I hope no one was putting pressure on him to do so. I mean... I lost that much weight last year, but I needed to and dropped like 3 dress sizes. He was a nice, healthy-looking size to me. I can see him maybe wanting to lose 10 lbs. Maybe. 25-30 is a lot. Ugh. I hate Hollywood.
I'm not sure if Hollywood can really be blamed in this case. If you look at james0479's avatar picture on the first page of this thread, it's clear that Freddie Smith was once much more lean and muscular than he is on Days (unless there's just a lot of airbrushing going on in that photograph).

I'm not sure if Freddie's weight gain was due to some sort of illness/medication, as some have speculated (I think that it's always been nothing more than speculation, as far as I'm aware, but sometimes there is truth in speculation), or if he's one of those people who has to constantly work to maintain that type of body and had simply stopped putting in that work for whatever reason (being too busy, complacency due to having a steady job now, or whatever the case may be), but in any case, the weight loss that he's recently reported on Twitter (and that we'll be seeing on-screen soon enough) could have been entirely his choice, based on a desire to get back into the shape that he was once in, as opposed to being a result of pressure from six-pack-obsessed Hollywood executives.

After all, if he were really being pressured, one would think that those who were applying the pressure would have started doing so a few months before Will and Sonny made love for the first time, so that Freddie's body would have been in the shape that those people wanted it to be in before that pivotal scene was filmed.

Of course, if I'm wrong and Freddie really is receiving pressure from some shallow executives somewhere, I can only hope that his trimmer physique will translate into more love scenes for Will and Sonny in the near future. Make it happen, writers!
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