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Jan 15 2013, 04:48 AM
I LOVED today's episode! First time in a long time I did not FF. Can't wait for Tuesday's.

Kate and Billie were hilarious, especially when Kate cut Billie off when she was about to say Kate's going to be a great grandmother. :D

I'm glad this blew up in Chad's face. His reaction to Will being the father was priceless like I knew it would be, and I'm glad Abby gave it to him and defended Will. Sonny giving it to Chad was a nice surprise too.

Will disappointed me today. I have no problem with him telling the truth, I'm a Nabi fan but I always wanted Will to claim his rights. My problem is how he did it and why he did it. First, Will reveals the truth and leaves Gabi to deal with the fallout (in particular hypocrite-Sami), to explain things to Sonny. He wants the truth out? Well time to take some responsibility. And the way he told the truth was very opportunistic. If Chad hadn't opened his mouth, he wouldn't have said anything and Nabi would've gotten married without a hitch. Either he wants his child or he doesn't. And I'm not convinced he does right now. Even when he questioned if he and Nabi were doing the right thing, his only concerns were how the families would react. Nothing about him wanting his child and was willing to take the responsibility of being in its life.

I felt so bad for Gabi today. Sami needs to have a seat. Her laying into Gabi was unnecessary and cruel. Not just because Sami's the hypocrite we all know her to be, but she thinks she knows the whole story when she has not a clue. The way she interjected herself into this storyline got on my nerves. She does not know when to BACK OFF. Imma need Rafe to give it to her tomorrow because he was lacking today. I love how both Nick and Rafe are so protective of Gabi though. Speaking of Rafe, he needs to be reminded how he accepted Sami and Nicole's children by EJ as his and was willing to let the entire town believe they were his so he needs to put a sock in his questioning of how Nick could accept Gabi's baby since it's not his.

Everything I thought but could not articulate.Great post.
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