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Jan 15 2013, 08:16 AM
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I am so sick of Gabi and Nick being so self righteous, both of them have tried to push Will out of the picture since the very beginning. They basically gave him no choice but to agree to what they wanted. Then Gabi letting Rafe assume that Will wanted the abortion when it was her wanting it and making Will go along. He is the one that was trying to bust down the door to stop her. I will be so glad when the real story comes out and everyone sees Nick and Gabi for who they really are. Ugh!
It was Gabi's choice because it is Gabi's body.Will initially did not fight the choice she made,he helped her get money and went with her to the clinic.He changed his mind but I don't believe Gabi knew Will tried to stop her.I think as far as she knew ,she chose to have the baby when Will was willing to allow the abortion.Once she made the decision I could see why she would not want to cause Will to lose the person he loved and would go out of her way to burden Will as little as possible with caring for a baby she believes he was willing to have aborted.Gabi did likely saw Nick as a welcome lifeline after he helped her with the Melanie/ Andrew/Chad situation and told her he loved her.Since Nick was willing to raise the baby as his own,she would have help with raising the baby without having to interfere with Will's choices in his life.I don't blame Gabi for viewing Nick through rose colored glasses.Most people try to see the best in those they love and make excuses for their bad behavior.The day of the wedding Gabi tried to allow Will to have a part of the baby's life by asking him to be the godfather.Since she was marrying Nick and raising the baby with him,I can see why she would agree they would make choices together concerning the baby.No one stopped Will from claiming the baby,he like his mother,wanted to have his cake and eat it too.
Actually, Gabi does know that Will wanted to stop the abortion. Will told Gabi that at the clinic, after she had revealed that she had changed her mind about having the procedure. Sami even told Will that it wasn't his decision to make (not that Will didn't already know that).

Skip to the 4:40 mark in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieyUMwW602I
I just think that Nick wants Will completely out of the baby's life cause he doesn't want to have to deal with Will and him being gay. Gabi, she is so wrapped up in Nick that she can't see that Nick is trying to push Will completely out of this baby's life. He is the father he has rights too and Nick just has no clue what he will be getting into if he tries to blackmail Will. He will feel the wrath of Sami and it won't be a pretty sight. I am just glad all of this is coming out and can't wait to see how all of it plays out.
Oh, and yes, Will was being selfish about him and Sonny, but I think as more time went on he started seeing that keeping it a secret wasn't the best thing to do. He wasn't liking that he may not be a part of his child's life. When Gabi suggested that he be the Godfather, OMGosh...Nick bout had a stroke. If Will wasn't gay, I don't think Nick would be acting the way he is...........but I could be wrong. I think Nick is about to show everyone his true colors and that he wasn't as reformed as everyone thought he was. :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:
Well Sami got over EJ blackmailing Will quickly enough although it may take longer for her to forgive Nick since she is not trying to sleep with him.
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