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Monday ("Marlena Confronts Kristen")
Marlena demands to know how long Kristen's torture of Brady will go on; Jennifer confides in Hope about Chloe.

Tuesday ("Framing Kristen")
Nicole tries to frame Kristen; Jennifer is shaken by Chloe's stunt; Billie tells Kate she wants nothing to do with her mom's schemes.

Wednesday ("Kristen's Realization")
Kristen realizes she's been played; Rafe asks Gabi and Nick to postpone their wedding; Rafe asks Hope about Bo's extended absence.

Thursday ("Brady Confronts Kristen")
Brady confronts Kristen about lying to him; Will comes close to catching Nick plotting against him.

Friday ("Daniel and Jennifer's Plan")
Chloe learns of Daniel and Jennifer's plan to go away for the night and is unable to stop it; Rafe warns Sami to stay away from his office.

Jennifer is rocked to find Chloe at Daniel’s.
Will catches on to Nick and what he knows about Lucas.
Marlena comes clean to Brady about John.
It seems that Kristen’s “feelings” for Brady may be growing.
Rafe finds EJ with Sami, and couldn’t care less.

DVR Alerts
Monday: EJ and Sami build their relationship on more solid grounds.
Wednesday: Nick reveals his past in prison to Gabi.

**UPDATED 1/21**

Next week on Days of our Lives, Kate is devastated when she learns Billie is leaving town. Also: Sami makes a confession to EJ, Nicole and Kristen face off over Brady, Jennifer realizes Chloe is playing for keeps and Marlena has a serious talk with Brady.

Sneaks Peeks: Week of January 28, 2013

Rafe tells EJ that he and Sami planned to reunite before their fallout. Instead of driving EJ and Sami apart, it only brings them closer after a heartfelt conversation.

Nicole blasts Kristen for the trouble she's caused between Brady and his family. Kristen responds to Nicole's tirade with a vicious tongue lashing, throwing up Nicole's troublesome past in her face. Later, Nicole comes up with a scheme to bring Kristen down.

Jennifer is rocked when she learns Chloe has moved into Daniel's place.

Nick's on the hunt for information on Lucas and Will. Unfortunately for Nick, Will may be close to discovering his intentions.

Billie and Kate share an emotional goodbye.

Hope is evasive with about Bo.

Marlena comes clean to Brady about John.

Kristen's "feelings" for Brady may be turning genuine. How will that affect her plan? Maybe she'll get some help from a man of the cloth.

Sami tells EJ that she's finally seen him and Rafe for who they really are…

DVR Alerts

Monday: EJ and Sami build their relationship on more solid grounds.
Wednesday: Nick reveals his past in prison to Gabi.

Source Look Ahead: Week of February 4, 2013

Nick steps up his efforts to trap Lucas and Will. Sami and EJ finally make love.


Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 28-February 1.

Developing some feelings.

Fiercely miffed about what’s happened to Brady, Nicole gives Kristen a piece of her mind. Kristen is furious and, after hurling abuse at her, starts using her fists. Brady manages to stop the two blondes from getting into a brawl that could have sunk the town all over again. Kristen’s day continues to turn to crap as Marlena shows up to launch another tirade against her and her malevolent plans for Brady. Once she’s finished rolling her eyes, Kristen and Brady go out for a night on the promenade. Nicole breaks in and plants top secret documents from Titan on the DiMera’s computer. She’s forced to hide as the most controversial couple in Salem return. Before Kristen can stumble over her, Brady notices the files on his lady’s computer. When he asks her what’s up with that, she has a fit and storms off. He chases after her but they both clue in fast that they were framed. He hunts down Nicole who promptly walks into exposing herself. Brady doesn’t like what he sees and lets her know it. He then bumps into Marlena. The shrink confesses to failing in her hackneyed plan to get a confession out of Kristen. The meaning of the torn up note finally clicks for him and he lashes out at Kristen over her deception. She lies and then kicks him out. He feels guilty. They have guilt sex. The DiMera starts to realize that her feelings for him are becoming more real than she’d intended.

Jennifer mopes to Hope about the diva being after her doctor. The cop suggests that she kick things up a notch. Meanwhile, Chloe attempts to convince Daniel that she and Parker should move in with him so he can bond with his son. That’s as transparent as one of her cheap negligees and he accuses her of being the one interested in a little bonding. When Jenn finally shows up, she finds Chloe in nothing but one of Daniel’s spare shirts. Jenn nearly plotzes. She asks Daniel out, promising some romance out of town while Chloe has a chuckle to herself and calls Anne to brag about making Jenn bug out. Chloe comes back down to earth with a thud when she hears that the doctor and Her Royal Hortonness are heading for a resort. Just as they are about the set the mattress vibrating, Chloe calls to moan that there is a Parker crisis.

Billie tells her mom that she can’t handle being part of her underhanded schemes anymore. She’s quitting whatever her job is at Mad World and leaving town. Even though they have their issues, it’s still hard for them to say goodbye. In other randomness, Detective Rafe notices that Bo has been gone for a long time. He asks Hope about it but she refuses to explain.

Rafe asks his sister to postpone her wedding some more. She’s okay with that, Nick less so. Fallon distracts himself from the latest annoyance by digging into how and why Lucas went to prison to protect Will. William actually catches his cousin digging up the dirt but Nick manages to outwit him. Will has other things distracting him. Chad tries to win back his friendship. He’s far more successful with the Horton than he was with Abby. While Will moons to Chadsworth about becoming a father, Abby moans to Cameron about her messy life.

Rafe runs into EJ. Since Elvis is more glib than usual, Rafe is sure to tell him that he and Sami nearly had sex on the wedding day. As soon as he dropped her, she ran to EJ. Annoyed Elvis ambles home. Sami soon shows up to soil his shirt, fresh from another furious unleashing on Gabi. Nick managed to stop her from nearly clobbering a pregnant woman. He’s sure to tell Rafe about Sami’s threats. This throws Rafe into a fury of his own and he starts pounding on her door. Rafe could care less about catching them getting carnal. He warns her that she’d better stop bullying his sister of she’ll have to deal with him. Sami sobs to a sympathetic Elvis about how she’s finally come to know the real Rafe.


Week of January 28:

Monday January 28:
Nicole lets Kristen have it for causing a rift between Brady and his family - specifically Eric.
Brady has to break up a fight.
Marlena confronts Kristen once again.
Daniel can see right through Chloe's idea to move into his place.
Hope thinks Jenn should fight fire with fire.
Jenn's shocked to find Chloe in Daniel's shirt at his apartment.

Tuesday January 29:
Nicole attempts to frame Kristen by planting top secret files from Brady's computer to Kristen's.
Jennifer asks Daniel to leave town for a night of romance.
Chloe and Anne celebrate, confident that Chloe has gotten to Jenn.
Billie quits Mad World because of Kate's schemes.

Wednesday January 30:
Kristen almost discovers Nicole when Brady finds the Titan documents on her computer.
Brady and Kristen realize they've been played.
Brady gets into it with Nicole.
Marlena confesses to Brady that she tried entrapping Kristen and Brady realizes Kristen lied about the torn note.
Brady confronts Kristen.
When Rafe asks, Gabi agrees to postpone her wedding.
Nick confirms the circumstances that Lucas went to jail for Will.
Billie and Kate share a heartfelt goodbye.
Rafe questions Hope about Bo's extended absence but Hope avoids answering.

Thursday January 31:
Brady confronts Kristen about the note and she tries kicking him out. He apologizes and they have make-up sex.
Kristen's "feelings" for Brady continue to become more real.
Rafe admits to EJ that he and Sami were about to reunite before Gabi's wedding fiasco.
Sami accuses Gabi of trying to keep her kid from Will.
Sami makes a heartfelt confession to EJ.
EJ and Sami's make-out session is interrupted.
Will almost catches Nick.
Chad tries to make amends with Abigail and then Will.
Abby opens up to Cameron a bit.

Friday February 1:
Chloe learns that Daniel and Jenn are going away.
When Daniel and Jenn get close at the resort, Chloe calls with a mood-breaker.
Rafe warns Sami to stop attacking his sister.
Sami tells EJ how she now sees Rafe and EJ for who they are and her choice is crystal clear

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