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Jan 16 2013, 02:16 AM
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Jan 16 2013, 12:49 AM
Everything's better with EJ!
What's better with a reformed sicko! Sami's an idiot! What kind of twisted message is Days sending, cuddle up with a cute, rich guy that once emotionally tortured and raped you!
The message that you shouldn't rely on soap operas to provide a moral compass? :shrug:
But viewers can still find the premise upsetting, and that is fair. It doesn't make them fools with misplaced moral compasses (compii??). And viewers want different things from their stories, from fictions they invest in, and this is also ok.
Of course they can. People can have whatever opinions they want to have and, no, I don't believe their opinions on soap stories are a reflection of their morals. Nor do I think I implied that with my response.

The poster simply asked what kind of message was Days sending and I think all soaps send pretty much the same message with their constant storylines about baby swapping, bed hopping, and back stabbing. And that message is that they are here to entertain and not to send a moral message. If they ARE trying to send a moral message, they are doing a heinous job at it IMO.

ETA: I should've phrased my original response better to say that "soaps send the message that people shouldn't rely on them to provide a moral compass," as I meant my "you" in the collective sense, not as a reference to the poster.
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