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But viewers can still find the premise upsetting, and that is fair. It doesn't make them fools with misplaced moral compasses (compii??). And viewers want different things from their stories, from fictions they invest in, and this is also ok.
Of course they can. People can have whatever opinions they want to have and, no, I don't believe their opinions on soap stories are a reflection of their morals. Nor do I think I implied that with my response.

The poster simply asked what kind of message was Days sending and I think all soaps send pretty much the same message with their constant storylines about baby swapping, bed hopping, and back stabbing. And that message is that they are here to entertain and not to send a moral message. If they ARE trying to send a moral message, they are doing a heinous job at it IMO.
LOL, I anticipated I response like this, so let me clarify as well. I am sure you understand that anyone is allowed any opinion he or she wants to have, and I wasn't implying that you were implying that one's attitude regarding a soap, what they like and find delicious in a storyline, reflects what they would like or find delicious in real life.

But for some, they want different or better or whatever from stories they have invested in, and a soap opera - as a narrative that in some ways reflects current times, that is transmitted to millions of home - has the power to send a messages if a viewer wishes to look for it in certain situations (such as the portrayal of women, or the portrayal of a gay relationship, or single-parent relationships, or in some cases storylines to do with real issues such as abuse, ptsd, eating disorders, etc). I tire of this idea that it's just entertainment. For some people for some issues it's not, and to expect more or different of one's show is not an unreasonable expectation or grievance.

I know you wouldn't deny anyone his or her own strong opinion or reaction, or judge it as wrong or bad or whatever. I am just suggesting that in some cases, viewers might want their soaps held to a different standard. Perhaps it's a foolhardy wish, but there you go.

ETA - I understood you meant "you" as "one" ;)
Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I definitely understand that some people may wish for their soaps to provide more than just mere entertainment and expect them to have more of a social or moral conscience. I obviously don't have that expectation from my soaps or from any form of entertainment for that matter. If a TV show or movie or book decides to imbue itself with a moral conscience then I'm cool with that. That's obviously their prerogative. But it's never my expectation. At the end of the day, I consider all movies, books, TV, music, etc. to be art forms. Sometimes they are totaly crappy art, but they still are art and as such their creators are entitled to do what they want with them. And, of course, as the audience, we are allowed to have our opinions about that art and to say we think it sucks.

Bottom line for me... I have no expectation that soaps send any kind of message - positive, moral or otherwise. And based on the stories that soaps have been churning out for years, I think it's probably an exercise in futility to place that expectation on them. People can certainly wish for more from their soaps, but I think pretty much every soap will churn out a number of stories that will end up disappointing them in that regard.
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