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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of January 28th

Will catches on to Nick and what he knows about Lucas.

Nice. I'm glad that Will's going to figure it out quickly. I just hope that he doesn't let it intimidate him. Will shouldn't be the least bit frightened of Nick.

Rafe finds EJ with Sami, and couldn’t care less.

I couldn't care less about anything that involves E.J., but unless this is your handiwork, lysie (these are the "official" spoilers from NBC, right?), I'm glad that the person who writes the spoilers understands the difference between "couldn't care less" and "could care less".

Monday: EJ and Sami build their relationship on more solid grounds.

That's funny -- I was under the impression that a relationship that was built on a history of rape, attempted murder, kidnapping a child, faking that child's death, making another child believe that his mother didn't love him, delighting in kidnapping a woman's husband and placing a doppelganger in her bed, and countless other manipulations and cruelties that are still going on to this day was the very definition of a solid relationship.

Wednesday: Nick reveals his past in prison to Gabi.

I'm still not convinced that this is going where a lot of people seem to think that it is going, but we'll see.
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