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Episode Titles and Previews

(Emma Goes Missing)
1/28, Patrick panics when Emma goes missing while under Bitt's care; Kristina lashes out at Connie and blames her for Trey's death.

(The Search)
1/29, The search for Emma continues and things get ugly when accusations start flying regarding the little girl's disappearance

(Dropping the Charges)
1/30, Michael and Starr beg Connie to drop the charges against Kristina

(Sonny and Connie)
1/31, Sonny and Connie battle it out; John receives a strange call; Patrick wants little to do with Britt after Emma's disappearance.

(Bringing Ellie Home)
2/1, Spinelli brings Ellie home; AJ and Elizabeth continue to grow closer, with AJ sharing his frustration over the ELQ developments.

NE Spoilers week of Jan. 28th

Alexis is devastated when her daughter goes to jail

Connie cries in Tracy's arms

Sonny has it out with Connie

John McBain's right smack in the middle of a crime scene

Britt tells Lulu that there is something she must know about Maxie's unborn baby

Michael begins to choose between Sonny and AJ

Daily Spoilers week of Jan 28

1/28, Patrick is concerned when Emma disappears; Tracy plots revenge; Maxie considers revealing the truth.

1/29, Alexis falls apart when her daughter is taken to jail; Connie cries in Tracy's arms; A.J. has plans for Duke.

1/30, A mysterious person comes to Port Charles; Lucy and Todd could be the key to each other's predicaments.

1/31, Sonny fights with Connie; Liz shows up at the perfect time; a surprise visitor makes a declaration.

2/1, John McBain ends up in the middle of a crime scene; Britt has information for Lulu; Michael must choose between A.J. and Sonny.
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