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I really hope we hear more about who's going to be on. We keep hearing "the casts are nearly set" but yet we have very few people announced. That part concerns me. I get things are still likely being worked out and I'm sure many actors don't want their names announced yet for probably very valid reasons so ... I guess I'm just being a little impatient. I mean, it's really only been a month since plans were leaked. I actually give them credit for accomplishing so much.

I'm still cautious, don't get me wrong ...

I don't Tweet but has anyone asked Strasser about Erika? I know actors likely won't discuss it but I'm really wanting Erika to join. OLTL without Viki just seems so wrong. I can probably do without Susan on AMC for now though. Funnily enough. I guess because I know I'll see Susan Lucci all over the place and I'll likely try to watch Devious Maids, though I'm NOT thrilled it's sounding like Marc Cherry is just ripping off Desperate Housewives, at least in the beginning. BTW, I think filming has been taking place for the show (Devious Maids, not AMC, lol) (it was in TVGuide a week or two ago that filming was going on, I think in Atlanta but I could be wrong) so that could be why Susan is so hush hush about everything, or just unable to commit to anything. We'll see.
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