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Ok, dogs/gods/goddesses/whatever, I cannot believe I am about to say this...

But (1st half anyway) SlamPig was actually pretty good today. I don't know if it was because she was tearing the Hernandi a new asshole or what but it worked.

I love Lucas. He rocked it today. And I genuinely felt hurt for him. Well done, BD.

NuCameron is hot. I just wish his head didn't reflect the absurdly bright lighting all the time. It detracts from his hotness. Noe that the chin is gone, I'd like to learn more about this character. Please not another insta-love followed by nothing.

Marlena running out of the hospital in gigantic hooker boots had me rolling.

Meanwhile, at the coffee house, instead of any real exploration of how Sonny is affected by all of these goings on, Sonny is used as a prop to introduce Marlena. Hell, I guess if the writers don't want to really write for Sonny, then I guess a Marlena-introducer is enough.

Willena :


The Hernandi really cannot keep me captivated in scenes with only them.

Eric still kind of has that weird, mushy speech impediment. Clearly he is the Son of Creamed Spinach Mouth and not the real Roman.

In this episode, EJ will be known (to me, anyway) as "Polly Prissy Pants."
For instance...SlamPig is pissed off at Hernandi, then clearly pissed that Will is confiding in Marlena...When she arrives at her Ikea showroom apartment, Polly Prissy Pants is there and all her troubles melt like lemon drops. As do her nasty panties. You know it's coming. Ugh. And Polly Prissy Pants swears to help William through this. even though it is really none of his business. I would so rather have Lucas and Marlena saying that. Not only does it make infinitely more sense (and those 2 are characters I genuinely enjoy) but what is Polly Prissy Pants going to do? Fuck SlamPig and then sashay around the room? Please. Come back when you have some testicles, Polly.

Chud still sucks. Nothing can convince me otherwise.

I hate Nick. HATE. But at least he's an obvious psycho. That's entertaining. But I still hate him lol

Lastly...Did I hear this wrong or did Will tell Marlena he "literally" loves her..So much? Huh?!

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