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camera shy

Jan 16 2013, 04:10 AM
Jan 16 2013, 01:39 AM
I am more than ready for everything Gabi did to finally be revealed. If and when the custody battle over the baby starts would be the perfect time for Chad to finally break. I can see the upset of all of his friends being against him getting to him and realizing this could help Will in a custody fight. It could also help Abigail to understand why he did what he did. I love him and Abigail together. I was never a fan of them breaking up because of him and Melanie. I am also not a fan of new Cameron. I just want to see Chad say whatever happens, happens and tell all.

As far as Nick goes, I miss the old Nick. I am not a fan at all of what they have done with his character. Although, BB does an an amazing job with it. I am sick of so many characters/relationships being ruined for the sake of the Gabi drama.
I loved Nick the lovable geek and I adored him and Chelsea together, but I'm enjoying what is transpiring with his character. And I think from a character standpoint it makes sense. He was an addict who killed a man and spent several years in prison. That in itself would change a person. Plus there's his family background. His grandfather is Alex Marshall and Alex could scheme and manipulate with the best of them. Plus Nick's mother Jessica had mental health problems which resulted in a multiple personality disorder. So Nick having a darkside makes sense to me. I do wish that TPTB have Nick move away from his homophobia. I don't want to see Nick as a true villain, but as more of a gray character.

I don't think Nick will blackmail Will with the knowledge that Will shot EJ. I can see Nick maybe tricking Will into confessing the truth and Nick capturing it on tape. I kind of think that Will and Sonny will use Gabi's part in Melanie's kidnapping against her in a custody battle. Nick would then counter and use his knowledge on Will shooting EJ. This wouldn't result in Will going to prison, but a judge in the custody battle would have a big problem with it. Will may have been a minor but he was old enough to know that attempted murder was wrong and it was not an accident but a deliberate act. That would balance the scales between Gabi and Will and maybe result in them agreeing to joint custody.

This storyline is one of the reasons I love soap operas. The reveal has resulted in a lot of great soapy fallout for a lot of characters. Characters actions in the past are going to have real consequences and even the past history of Sami, Lucas, and Will's paternity from twenty years ago has a place in the story. Bravo writers.
I would love to see Nick have the upper hand during this whole custody battle and when EJ tried to strong arm him for blackmailing Will he told him, "You better back off if you want to keep Johnny as your son". ^o)
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