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I doubt any sane judge will hold Will fully responsible for the choices he made under the instruction of a parent. I'm sure Nick THINKS he can fu**ck with Will's head and make him think that will happen, but when it really comes down to the facts, it's just not realistic. I hope Will has permanently found his backbone and tells Nick he can go f**ck himself if he goes down that route.

We all know the moment Nick tries to go down that route, the whole Gabi/Melanie/Stalker Andrew thing will blow up in their faces. And unlike Will, Gabi was a legal adult who RECENTLY commtted a crime that lead to death and destruction.
Honestly, attempted murder isn't just tossed off because he was under 18, at least not where I live. He might get a lesser sentence as a juvenile, but no judge is going to just smile and say "no worries, you're good to go because you were under 18 when you pulled the trigger." He didn't shoot EJ under Lucas' instruction, he just fled the country. So that part of it might not get held against him, but the actual shooting would. It's entirely unrealistic to believe he would face no consequences for that crime.

And yes, if Nick decides to go down that road, the stuff about Gabi might come out. But I don't think her crime is somehow worse than Will's. Will shot a man with the intent to kill him. I don't care if he was under 18 you can't tell me he didn't know it was wrong. Gabi didn't intend for any of that to happen. Doesn't let her off the hook and I hope it all does come out, but she's definitely no worse than Will in that regard.

Which again, is why I love all of this. They are all flawed. Nobody is perfect and nobody is really better than the rest.
I don't know...I think EJ having gotten past Will's trying to murder him might push for a lesser sentence, no?
He might not want Sonny to know or Sonny's parents. If I was Adrienne I sure wouldn't want my son to be dating someone who had once tried to murder someone.

Sonny would have to leave Salem because eventually there would be nobody left to date.
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