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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepIt actually kind of makes me dislike him a tiny bit less. . I appreciate that the show seems to be moving past portraying him as a Mary Sue.
I agree. I'm enjoying that I can't stand him. It's weird but it's nice.
I think it's easier to enjoy a character's dickishness, when they don't have a team of good characters in the background flailing about how correct and wonderful they are.

Yes! Absolutely.

I don't care for Safe and don't think they have chemistry (and I wasn't watching during Rafe's intro), and the character Rafe has irritated me since I started watching again precisely because of the propping and his holier-than-thou smugness and his controlling nature with Gabi and Sami. That said, I have seen sparks of life and charisma in Rafe/GG, especially when he's with Nicole or when he's confronting EJ. I wish I had been around during Fafe, because everyone seems to like GG's performance then.

In sum, GG comes alive in scenes with AZ and JS. In other words, and EJ, Nicole, Rafe triangle is an interesting what might have been just based on that.

I think Rafe has more purpose than Daniel on the canvas, and EJ needs a nemesis. I liked that Rafe seemed reflective about his baby claiming ways recently, and even though the character is muddled I think something can be done. My post is muddled, too, LOL, but that's appropriate, I guess.
Personally I can't STAND GG in scenes with JS. JS always goes OTT and snotty and GG just gives the smug douche look. I hope that Sami being paired with EJ going forward means less interaction between those 2 because I think they both drag each other down. I do agree with you about Nicolem, though :-)
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