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engrady pind

Patrick/Britt/Sabrina: I don't think Patrick is in any way emotionally involved with Britt. He likes the sexual attention but he doesn't see her as a life partner. Sabrina is a little sister and a good friend. Patrick will protect her when called to do so.

Return of Ned: I know Ned loves his mother, but I really do not want Ned back to hassle AJ as he did for years. ELQ is on the verge of ruination under Tracy's leadership. Maybe AJ can do what is needed to make the company prosperous again. Monica needs to kick Tracy to the curb and out of the Quartermaine mansion and let the Queen of Barbed Rudeness live on her own for a change (and on her own dime).

Robin: Has she been getting her meds while in captivity? I just can't see Jerry Jax overly worried about her getting the cocktail she needs to get her numbers back in the positive. Didn't she leave the show back in the negative regarding her HIV status?

Maxie/Spinelli: Spinelli can do much better than Maxie Jones who just can't manage to grow up and be a big girl. While I find the actress who plays Ellie uncomfortable to listen to, I do like the character. She at least understands Spinelli and how his minds works. They genuinely like one another; Maxie and Spinelli don't. Spinelli is always enamored and enthralled by blondes -- with the possible exception of Georgie, a relationship that didn't get a fair chance because of her murder which brought Spinelli into Maxie's sphere. Maxie will always be looking for someone else and there will always be another Matt Hunter in the wings.

Sonny/Connie/Kate: Enough already. Megan Ward's Kate was a fantastic character, a woman with class until she got totally involved with Sonny. Sullivan's Connie is painfully tacky to the point of being gross. Her resemblance to Claudia is disturbing. Any storyline involving Connie/Kate/Sonny is going to be BORING and useless for entertainment.

AJ: So glad he is back with Sean Keenan playing him. Now, if they will just clean him up a bit and get him over the Carly/Sonny part of his life. I find it hard to believe that in all the time he was away he didn't develop some meaningful relationships. Maybe when things have settled down in PC his secret wife and children can show up. Now that would put a knot in Carly's tail.

CARLY: Isn't it about time for payback? She has hurt so many people, isn't it about time she got what is coming to her? It would be a hoot if she got pregnant again by AJ and had to deal with AJ's secret wife. Of course, once things start going rancid for Carly, Jasper Jax will return to make everything all right again. Carly is so self-involved that she cannot see the forest for the trees, as it were. She bounced from Johnny who was too young for her to Todd who shouldn't be allowed out alone. I am still amazed that Carly expects all men to tell her the truth about everything yet she can keep all kinds of things from them. Her BFF Jason is gone and Carly is going to have to wing it until she can find someone else to devote himself to protecting her from herself. Lots of potential for stories with Carly -- if the writers let her actually learn something occasionally.

The Younger Set: Too boring to watch. Busybody Starr needs to go back to Mama since Daddy is going to lie to her again and again. Michael is a grown man and needs to tell all 3 of his parents that he will make his own decisions and will not accept any interference from any of them. Kristina needs to go back to school. Her story is over, leave her be for a while. Molly is curiously absent. Maybe she is writing another book for Connie to steal.

Sam: The Weeper will have to find another shoulder to cry on after she has talked everything to death. Poor John.

Lante: Languishing in couple's Hell along with Steven Lars and Olivia.

LUKE/ANNA/DUKE: Where are they?
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