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When I had to lower my expectations to simply hoping for a good scene here and there, I knew it was time to let go. Life is way too short and too full of much better things to do than to sit around hoping this show that I once enjoyed will throw me a bone or two. Every now and then I come to the boards and read spoilers or articles to see if there is any improvement that might make me want to come back to this show that I loved for more than 20 years, but it continues to disappoint. It continues to show me that the moral standard has completely gone out the window, and while, yes, soaps are meant to be somewhat morally devoid and scandalous, for each viewer there IS a line. I don't believe that there are any viewers for which there is NO line ... it's just obviously different for different people. For me, it was Sami and EJ. I cannot, personally, enjoy any romantic story between the two, for my own personal reasons. Not only do I despise any story that puts them together romantically or sexually, I have come to resent 99% of the REST of the show as well! So WHY would I bother to keep watching? Out of misguided loyalty to a show that has no loyalty to its own fans? Nope. I've lost many a ship, and survived, and even laughed about it. Its a soap opera. To me it's not about losing Lumi to Safe and Ejami, it's about my personal taste in what I find entertaining, and Sami hopping from penis to penis to penis, never truly committing, never truly in love, never truly sure of who or what she wants, and having one of those penises be the one who raped her and is attached to the man who committed an encyclopedia of atrocities against her and all of her loved ones is NOT entertaining to me. So I don't watch. And I'm sad about it, because I watched this show since I was a child, and I loved these characters and now they are unrecognizable and unlikable and I can't root for them and I don't want to watch them anymore. But because I watched for so many years I still check the boards with a sliver of hope ... only to be saddened further. :(
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