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Miss Rhi
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Jan 16 2013, 11:45 AM
Jan 16 2013, 11:26 AM
Can someone please explain the branches of the Chandler/Fallon family to me? What were their major storylines? What's Nick's relationship to say... Liz? Has Days provided any updates on Joshua Fallon?
This is one of those clusterfucked families/stories on DAYS.

When Doug & Julie decided to reopen their club (which had earlier closed after losing its liquor license and a brief stint as a coffee bar), they purchased the old Chisholm Mansion out by the lake (which then became Doug's Place by the Lake) as a resort/casino/nightclub. They allowed the mansion's owner, Flora Chisholm, to continue to live in an unused wing. Flora was the mother of Sunny Chandler who was the 2nd wife of Kellam Chandler (his first wife is the mother of his oldest child, Liz Chandler). Kellam & Sunny then had Todd Chandler. Sunny was also the mother of Joshua Fallon via a love affair with John Talbot (I want to say it happened pre-Kellam, but I forget the time table since it seems like Tod & Josh's ages changed with subsequent recasts). The big secret was that Josh didn't know he was the mystery child of Sunny & John. Sunny ended up dying mysteriously pre-Salem (I believe it ended up being suicide caused by Kellam?) Josh blamed Kellam for his mother's death and pulled a gun on him (post Kellam raping Marlena), but couldn't and then Kellam had the gun and then Tod came in and Kellam & Tod fought over the gun resulting in Kellam's death.

The Chandler Mansion had a secret tunnel that connected to the Chisholm Mansion (Doug's Place). Once Kellam died, Stefano bought the mansion (making it the ORIGINAL DiMera Mansion), hence the tunnel that connected Doug's Place to the DiMera Mansion that Stefano used to sneak into Doug's Place to look for a secret plutonium mine. After Stefano died, Renee ended up inheriting the house which then went to her husband at the time of her death, Alex Marshall (who then named it Marshall Manor). Neil Curtis ended up buying it back for his wife Liz (since it was originally the Chandler Mansion), but it hasn't been seen since Neil disappeared from the show in the early 1990s. Supposedly, the house is next door to the original Kiriakis Mansion.

Liz is Tod's 1/2 sister. Tod is Josh's 1/2 brother. Josh & Liz have NO biological relationship. It's like Brady is John's son and Eric is Marlena's son, but Brady & Eric aren't related. Todd ended up dying in a drunk driving accident.
I had to read that about 3 times for it all to make even a little bit of sense.
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