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Is it really reasonable to expect to get something you know you aren't going to get, though? I guess it might be understandable, but if you've cheerfully enjoyed a show that lacks a moral center for years, it strikes me as unreasonable to start complaining when the show delivers the same questionable content it has for decades.
Hmmm. Well, I am not sure you are addressing me directly, but since I can only answer for myself I will. Who has been cheerfully enjoying this show for years and is all of a sudden calling foul?? ME?? Because I have not. I have been vastly entertained and excited by this show, and likewise hurt, upset, disappointed, angry, etc. since the beginning of my viewing. And no, I don't think, oh, well this show clearly lacks any moral center, so I won't bother having a feeling, reaction, response that is anything but, "meh, it's just a soap opera". And that I have no reason or grounds to complain. No, I adamantly disagree. Having that mix of emotions is, I think, yes, most reasonable - as it reflects enjoying some storylines for what they are, being generally flippant or indifferent about others, and caring about a select few for my personal reasons. IMO that is what it is to be an active participant in this show, not just a passive consumer. Or that is how I actively participate, anyway. I react, I have feelings, I want differently, I want better, I want more, etc. Why am I expecting something that I know I am not going to get? Because I should have no expectations of this show? Ok, I don't agree, and that is not how I watch or enjoy this show. Do I care too much? Am I setting myself up for a fall? Maybe. I am like this with many narratives - textual, filmic, etc. - and I am often left sad. But I am also elevated to very nice, high levels of glee, and I will take that mixed bag. It's not that I am necessarily surprised the soap opera chooses to take a cavalier attitude towards a storyline; it's just that I am disappointed. I don't complain about everything, just those s/lines or characters or choices that for my valid reasons matter to me. It is both understandable and reasonable, while also maybe slightly unhealthy? LOL, that I could cop to.
No, I'm not addressing you personally. :) I think all of us have a personal connection to the show and its characters; otherwise we wouldn't be here on DR. What I don't think makes sense though is taking a fan suddenly expecting Days to suddenly deliver something that it hasn't delivered in so long if ever. I just don't see how anyone who is outraged about the current show and concerned about the impact it is going to have on society didn't run screaming from the show after watching their first week's worth of episodes.
LOL - well, I dunno about outraged. But for me personally it is not that I suddenly expect Days to take a straight-and-narrow, non-morally-flexible path. Like I had illusions that this was meant to be Hallmark Channel wholesome television, and that all of a sudden it's taken an abominable turn. LOL, I am not FORGETTING that I am watching a soap opera, like I expect miracles from the genre. And it's not for EVERY storyline I care about portrayals, characterizations, choices made, etc. I am indifferent to most, and for others I love the dysfunction (LOVE the dysfunction, and insanity). But there are a few I really care about that I wish could or would go differently, or maybe am a little offended or bothered by. Just those I care about. And it's never OUTRAGE or even surprise for me, just disappointment. And I gladly take the disappointment with the happiness - that is what viewership means to me. I don't expect soap operas to be beacons or vanguards of morality, lol not at all. But am I sometimes bummed that the writers decided to go "there" or develop a character in quire this way and wonder why they decided to tell the story quite the way they did, and think a choice is slightly irresponsible or at most disappointing? Sure. I am not a Puritan here expecting Sunday School lessons - I am just an engaged viewer with an opinion or reaction that varies story to story. That's all.
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