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Jan 15 2013, 07:30 PM
Jan 15 2013, 12:24 PM
Jan 15 2013, 11:27 AM
As far as I can tell, the spoiler doesn't say that Justin agrees to represent Nick or that Justin takes any steps to sever Will's parental rights. It says that Nick seeks advice from Justin. So, I think it's a little early to say that Justin is betraying anybody.
Well knowing this is a soap - it truly can go either way but honestly and again knowing this is a soap an ex-con murderer trying to prove an unconvicted attempted murderer as an unfit parent is all kinds of :blink:

As for Justin I hate that they keep making him do these kinds of legal representations the last one between Nick and Chad was crap writing to keep Gabi's secret. Justin should have never even have taken that case, no real DECENT lawyer would have. I could have seen it more from EJ on Chad's behalf. :shrug:
Most decent lawyers knows constitutionally that everyone deserves adequate representation and rarely choose to represent clients based on their own moral judgment of the behavior of the client.If the system worked any other way,the unpopular would rarely receive any representation unless they could pay through the nose for it.Nick went to jail for his crime which is more than can be said for most of Salem and was released because he was seen to have been rehabilitated.Unless the person assaulted or killed is a spouse,the crime is a factor but not the only factor.
The paperwork drawn up between Chad and Nick was stupid at didn't even go to any police or cops so for Justin to have written up the agreement was stupid writing. Why would Nick go get a lawyer to write up this agreement if he was in the right and could have easily put Chad in jail for assault, because he was covering up a crime (Gabi's). Chad should have told Nick go for it, without any prior crimes by Chad and having the father that raised him as DA he would have gotten off with a warning or probabtion. Gabi would have been outed is the only reason and Justin the real Justin would have told Nick to files charges, he had no reason to help cover up Gabi's crime especially since it resulted in his brother in laws death. Agin lazy writing, it would have been more beleivable if EJ had written some kind of contract on Chad's beahlf but in this instance Chad had nothing to HIDE.
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