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Jan 16 2013, 11:49 AM
Gabi is the one who is actually pregnant. Like her or not, she is vital to the story. I like Will and Sonny, but I don't think this story is, or should be all about their relationship. Will focusing on Sonny the last few days has actually made him look a little selfish and someone with mixed up priorities in my mind.

I agree about Nick, or I hope you're right. I have enjoyed the lack of rape stories.

I kind of think they're moving a little fast on the Nick /Will prison secret. I thought Nick would hold that close to the vest for a while.
Since the baby is going to remain in Gabi's womb for a few months, Will had nothing else to do except to shore up his support system because he doesn't need to coddle or take care of his baby mama who has a fiancÚ to do that. For Will, Sonny is the most important member of his support system so I can understand Will wanting to repair things with Sonny before anybody else. They were livng together and Sonny would theoretically co-parent the most alongside Will. He may have plenty of family members who wanted his time, but Will's focus or concern didn't need to be on Lucas or Sami or Marlena or anyone else. His priorities certainly aren't much if any different than Nick's and Nick left the church to follow Will instead of being there for Gabi. Essentially, I don't have any problems with Will pursuing Sonny after the wedding.

As of now, Nick's time in prison is of little interest to me. Unless he was blackmailed into some crazy scheme to supply a newborn baby to some infertile couple related to his prison boss or owner or cellmate, I really do not care if he was or was not raped while serving his sentence. His homophobia infused obsessive personality is enough of backstory explanation for me. I don't need to have it flushed out further, especially when other characters are in greater need of development. Is it possible the show is planting the seeds for his redemption, though, once he goes berserk or whatever in the coming months?
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