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Jan 16 2013, 10:16 AM
Jan 16 2013, 09:42 AM
I no more expect the TV shows I watch to give me my moral compass than I believe the Real World on MtV is in fact, the real world.

Movies or television or neither good ways to learn about life or good examples about how situation should be handled.

I don't agree. At their best, soaps have touched on subjects that nobody else would. They were pretty much the first shows to deal with interacial marriage, AIDS, and homosexuality. Bianca's coming out story on AMC and Robin and Stone's HIV and AIDS story on GH educated and enlightened viewers in many ways. I seem to recall that Kayla's rape story in 1988 shined a light on marital rape in a different way. And I think that Will's coming out story is having a similar impact. And I think all of those examples are very good things.

But, by the same token, not every storyline on a soap is intended to be a life lesson. It's up to the viewer to decide what works for them and what they can accept and what they cannot. For some of us, it's easy to ignore the ridiculousness of some story lines and how serious issues are treated so cavalierly. For others, not so much. But I agree with earlier posters who say there is nothing wrong with expecting more, even from a soap.
While I agree with most of what you said I will disagree with soaps being the first to deal with certain subjects, they deal with them but on a different level as the charcter are on going by being shown 5 day's a week, while sitcoms are shown 1 day per week and their characters (with the Jefferson's exempted) are usually not on every eppisode or exposed the way you're referring. Ironically George Jefferson was probably the first Black Racial Bigot on TV that I recall.

Interacial marriage for instance - I think The Jefferson's hit that one first, comically I wikipedia'd this and found that I Love Lucy was actually the first interacial marriage :laugh:

Homosexuality - started featuring character in sitcoms dated back to 1972, first real charcter though that I remember was Soap - Billy Crystal was gay.

AIDS - Designing women 1987
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