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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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I think the next part if Kristen's plan is to get pregnant. That's why she tells Stefano she won't let Brady go.
GMAB, she is way too old to be popping out babies!
Even if she's too old to conceive naturally, she could use a donor egg and Brady's sperm and create a baby she could carry. Her uterus would be just fine, even if her eggs maybe aren't. Which could add a whole other dynamic - stealing someone else's eggs (like Nicole's, maybe?).

Goodness, Kristen stealing Nicole's eggs to impregnate herself using Brady's love juice would have me tuning in. Can you imagine Nicole's reaction when she found out? She would seize on to that child like Charlton Heston did to that rifle. Maybe it's a good idea in regards to Nicole having kids, too. We know her womb is a very inhospitable place at best. I think surrogacy (even if it isn't by choice) would be her best option.

If Days can reuse the 'burying someone alive' plot, they can certainly reuse the stolen egg one. Vivian always has the best ideas lol.
That would be wonderful, but they'll never do it....has Nicole ever frozen any eggs? I guess they can still do it...all you need is a two second conversation with Nicole and Chloe stating that she had her eggs frozen a few years back, and Kristen overhears said conversation....
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