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I liked most of today.

I really liked the Marlena/Hope scenes. I liked the way Deidre played Marlena telling Hope that John moved out. I like that Hope and Marlena were okay with the fact that they both seem to be on different sides of the Wabi/Nabi paternity debacle. I really liked the light-hearted parts, and I got a little cracked up when Marlena made an incredibly lame attempt at a Kristen insult. Apparently, Marlena needs to actually be looking at Kristen to come up with the good stuff.

Broe is love. What a missed opportunity with those two. This is actually the first I've liked Chloe at all this run so far. I loved that she pointed out the Electra stuff and pointed out all the issues. It's one thing to hear it from family, so I was glad he heard it from someone completely uninvolved too.

I was back and forth on the Magstor/Brady stuff, but one thing I did like was the continuing theme of Kristen being like a drug to Brady. It felt more intentional today, and I think that was a good call.

I didn't hate the Dannifer stuff today, but I didn't like it either. Actually, what I didn't like was the whole thing with Jennifer "upsetting" Parker. Her reaction was just OTT. Meanwhile, I'm going to need them to never talk about Parker's diapers again because the kid looks 8. It made me uncomfortable.

This story with Kate is reminding me A LOT of the Snow White story. It makes absolutely no sense, and Kate is so OTT. I mean, she even used the "had two children taken from me" card. I don't think I'm going to like this story. IMO, LK was the only thing that saved the story before, and I'm not sure she'll be able to do that a second time.

Kristen/Marlena was also good. I loved Marlena calling Brady her son, Kristen correcting, and Marlena not caring. And I loved Marlena barging in.

The Stefano scenes are completely unnecessary.
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