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Jan 17 2013, 01:39 AM
Jan 16 2013, 08:30 PM
I don't even care anymore. I need Victor to get his company back. He built that company. The thing that made the business s/ls great was because the characters actually created products that were worth fighting for. Because the majority of the time you saw the characters working. ex; Brash & Sassy/ Glow by Jabot.

This show just focuses on the fighting. The business stories are still so weak. You would have a takeover but it didn't happen every few days.

If Adam wants to prove himself then he needs to build his own. It's what Victor did. He wasn't trying to take anything from Albert Miller. Victor built his own empire. Victor made himself.

They are recycling how MAB wrote the business stories.
That's exactly the way I feel. NE belongs to Victor and Jabot belongs to Jack and the Abbotts. No one worked for their companies to be corporations but them. They worked hard to get where they are in the business world.

Adam is wanting a freebee out of revenge for his father and I think Adam has had enough revenge to punish his father. He killed Victor and Ashley's newborn baby then set it up to look like Faith was Ashley's and Victors baby. They loved Faith for months and had to give Faith back to Sharon and Nick when Victor and Ashley had to give Faith back to them. It hurt them deeply and that is enough revenge that Adam impounded on them to last a lifetime. Deep down inside Adam is as vicious and nasty as Victor so he deserves nothing and he helped it along with also trying to take over Victoria's work from her when he was told to work for her.. He is not innocent in why his family doesn't accept him. He had a big part in that too.

The Lily/Tyler, Cane/Lily and Neil/Ashley scenes make me want to gag. I FF all of them and will not watch them. All those stories are so damn lame and just a waste of time for me to watch.

I agree with everything.

Jabot just needs to stay with Jack and The Abbotts.
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