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Oh whatever, put EJ and Sami together and be done with it. I hate them so much, I mean HATE, and EJ has forever ruined Sami in my opinion, but whatever. What I hate more are tired triangles and all this talk about EJ and Sami never getting a true story or a story they deserved, never fully developed, etc. I understand and sympathize with fans of the pairing that feel they have never seen their couple in a storyline that made them the rooting couple, or gave them a glimmer of hope for longevity. And that is fine - understood. But from this non-fan's POV, it's been EJ and Sami 24/7 (24/5?) for six years. So just fully develop the story already and be done with it. And then we can see it crash and burn or not, ebb and flow or not, succeed beyond all hope or not, or springboard NEW storyline possibilities - which is really the best I can hope for. Just open the flood gates, and I feel like we can start fresh ("fresh").

As for someone winning and Sami making a choice, it seems pretty clear that will be EJ, but I am not sure how long any man can win with her or on this show. And I say that honestly. Yes, the Safe disunion seems mutual, but it took very extenuating circumstances for Sami and Rafe to be on such bitter, opposite sides in a battle, or to have their defenses up so high. This feels less like a choice to me and more like a violent tearing apart, a violent chasming (just made up a new verb). Although, actually, the truths that Safe have shared this week have probably been lingering for some time, and for Rafe's sake I am glad he has seen how down-in-the-mud nasty Sami can be (not hypocritical, not selfish, not rootably conniving, not hilariously deranged and deliciously delusional - just flat-out nasty). So that in a sense does sort of just leave EJ. So I think the winning or the decision making means an end to a triangle, and Sami being a one-man woman for awhile. Or it relates to whatever happens next week when EJ pulls away from Sami - maybe the decision is to take things slow. Whatever. Just get on with it and let's move on.

And I also didn't hate this interview. AS's interviews usually depress me so this was no exception, and her cheery-pollyanna-sunshine-all-the-time attitude grates on me. But I can appreciate her professionalism. And for better or worse, she was the reason I started watching this silly show years ago (well, Sami and Lucas together, but anyway), and for most of that time, I loved her. Didn't love to hate, just loved. Things have changed in recent years unfortunately, but I can recognize that for an entire generation of viewers, she is the face of the show, and I guess that is an accomplishment indeed.
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