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Rredd Spoiler Calender wk of Jan 21

Spin tells Maxie he only turned to her bcuz of Ellie’s supposed rejection
Spin makes it clear he's with Ellie
Maxie lets Spin go to Ellie
Maxie returns to Britt for test results…& learns she is pregnant
Maxie will make a deal with a devil?
Anna & Sonny chat about their romances

Anna's life is getting even more awkward
Luke realizes the real Duke is back
He asserts himself as Duke’s challenger (for Anna’s love)
Connie thanks Sonny
Emma tells Patrick she does NOT like Britt
Spin has to answer questions

Britt affirms she’ll make Emma like her
Epiphany resents Felix
Patrick quizzes Elizabeth about Sabrina avoiding him
Trying to snag ELQ, AJ & Michael scheme
Regarding his latest plot (to get out of the mess he’s in)….Todd tips off Johnny

TJ tries to help Molly get her book back by pleading to Connie
Kristina rejects Starr’s offer of support
Patrick & Britt go out to lunch with Emma
While trying to help his mother, Ned may be too late
Tracy gets an unpleasant surprise from AJ and Michael.
After Tracy approaches him 1st, Sonny teams up with her - targeting AJ

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