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Ok, I'm no Chloe fan...haven't been since ghoul girl, really, but Maggie agreeing with Victor that Taniel needs to be protected from her is such a gigantic lump of shit. Just when I think I cannot hate Maggie more than I already do too. Was Maggie not the one who took Chloe in when she was at her lowest, due in part to His Orangeness? I guess Maggie's infamous compassion only applies to a select few these days. I really hope they un-egg-baby his ass because clearly Mags is hot to trot for the dirty fucker herself.

STEFANO!!!! Ok, maybe the conversation between he and Kristen WAS a little unneccessary, but my oh my did I enjoy the holy Hell out of every second of it! And I LOVE Steffy's secret lair!!! I love that he still HAS secret lairs! It's just unfortunate that it is decorated so much better than the mansion. And DARK lighting. DiMansion used to always have dim lights and I think going back to that would help obscure the cheapness of these sets (It works for me for the cabin set w/ John & Kristen)

Oh and Stefano making Kristen promise not to hurt Marlena is sooo in character. Now that he is for the time being free of Kate, will that obsession resurface? If so, I sure as shit hope John is back in town.

LMFAO @ a good portion of the Hope & Marlena scenes. While I do appreciate their friendship, some of the dialogue was sooo WTF? "B-I-T-C-H"? I mean...REALLY?!?! And I almost peed myself laughing about Salem PD's finest technology. Hope is getting some of the silliest shitastic dialogue ever these days. Is she taking pills again? lol

And Kristen and Marlena....Ohhhhh the deliciousness. Funny too, how Marlena kept hunching forward toward Kristen, thus giving away the wire she's wearing. It's the little things. And Eileen and Deidre are always so spot on. I LOVE them in scenes together.

I do adore me some Kate, but I must agree with Lysie that I don't think even she can save this suck-fest of a storyline. Too much WTFery from the get-go. But most have already expounded on that so I will refrain. I still love LK and I am still hopeful something will either light this story up (I doubt it but there's a glimmer of hope there) or that the February "Wow" moments she talked about are going to be something monumentally better than this. Which really shouldn't be hard.

LOL@ Billie- "Taniel has plenty of hands to go around." Oh Hell yeah he does. All of them primed to grope a 1 or multiple time patient!

Dannifer still continue to annoy the shit out of me. Please leave Salem.
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