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Jan 17 2013, 10:48 AM
And...I'm done.

Kristen has two ways to get back in from what I can tell (LCK and the fan vote), and that's when I'll be back. She got punished for fumbling while making a massive effort and then being classy while Josie was rewarded for fucking up the one dish she was responsible for. In Tom's blog he pretends that if they'd known how bad Josie really was during prep they would have gotten rid of her instead.

But whatever. Mediocrity rewarded seems to me to be the last couple seasons. it's not fun to watch.
I, too, was unbelievably pissed last night. Of course, I hate Josie and her OBNOXIOUS ass self, but I'm also pissed because Lizzie AND Brooke did not stand up for Kristin in front of the judges. They knew what was happening during the challenge, yet ultimately, were more concerned with keeping a shitty chef on the show than a GREAT one, to make it easier on themselves in the long run. And the show shouldn't be about that. You should win Top Chef, because you are the BEST chef.

It's like John and the pickles thing with Lizzie all over again.

But mostly, I blame PADMA. Cause she put ALL the blame on Kristin and not on Josie. Gail was spot on when she said that Josie was skating by and never taking responsibility for her own dishes, yet PADMA, wanted to blame Kristen for everything.

And the gelatin, the gelatin, the judges kept bringing up the gelatin. Who cares if they didn't use freaking gelatin in the bouillabaisse? Kristin said they used cream and soy milk and everyone said the broth was delicious, there just wasn't enough of it on the plate. Is that reason enough to send Kristin home, HELL NO! Emeril said his fish in the bouillabaisse was overcooked and his scallops were raw. This was JOSIE's FAULT and only JOSIE's FAULT - as she is the one who COOKED that dish. That bitch should have gone HOME.

At least, I know Kristin doesn't need this sow. She's a fabulous, beautiful chef who will go far.
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