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In her conversation with EJ afterwards, Sami specifically mentioned that Rafe's accusations against Will really bothered her. She may not have used as harsh of language as Rafe used with Eric to describe her feelings, but she was clearly upset with Rafe in addition to Gabi. Plus, the fact that AS has spoiled that Sami makes a choice indicates to me that this break-up is as much Sami's decision as it is Rafe's. I'm assuming we will have more insight into this after Safe's fight next week.
I don't know. At this point, the whole Safe break-up still seems to be about Will and Gabi not them. Rafe is mad because Sami didn't support Gabi and Sami is mad that Rafe didn't support Will. The whole thing with Everett at Sami's apartment felt llike it was intended to be a contrast. Rafe blamed Will, Everett supported Will, ergo Sami would rather be with Everett now. But it didn't feel like a choice or a epiphany for Sami about Rafe. It felt like if Rafe had been more supportive of Will she'd still want to be with him.

It just shows how interchangeable the characters are because if the positions had been reversed (throw in Chad instead of Will) and Everett was attacking Gabi while Sami was attacking Chad, then Sami would have been at home with Rafe instead of Everett. That, to me, makes it feel like none of this is about Sami and Rafe. And that, for me, makes this feel like Everett "winning" by default rather than Sami making a real choice.

So, as I have said before, I hope that the next Safe fight goes beyond Gabi and Will if they are going to try and convince people that Sami is making a choice. But, even at that, I still think they set this up badly. If they really wanted to show Sami making a choice, we should have seen her be far more uncertain about reuniting with Rafe before the wedding. We should have seen him pushing and her being noncomittal and thinking of Everett when she was with Rafe. But, instead, it was the reverse.

I'm sure they are going with Evami and since I think anybody who ends up with Sami is the loser, I don't really care one way or another. But, if there isn't more of a character based break-up than what we've seen, I can't blame people for feeling like Everett is the default option. That's not Everett's fault, or even Sami's, it's the way the writing has set it up.
I guess I come out somewhere in the middle on this, as I think we are talking about two seperate, but related issues. One, I think the break-up is mutual, but two, I think the break-up is not primarily because of Safe's own issues (at least thus far).

Regarding whether the break-up is mutual....
Sami is obviously going to choose Everett and I think it is looking to be as much her choice as it is Rafe not wanting to be with her. In that way, it's not just that Rafe is "taking himself out of the race," it's also that Sami would rather not be with him either. For Everett to be Sami's second choice, she would have to want to be with Rafe and settling for Everett because Rafe doesn't want her. That's not what I see going on.

Regarding the reasons for the break-up....
I agree that the reason for the Safe break-up (at least as we have seen it thus far) seems to be more about their reactions to the Wabi baby than about Safe's own issues. We've seen glimpses that they are realizing that each other aren't who they thought they were (Sami's response of "of course you do" when Rafe said he knows what's going on, and Rafe's comment about Sami's "true colors"), but I'd like to see their next fight have more of this. If it's just because of the Wabi baby, I agree the break-up isn't as solid of a break-up. However, if Safe's reactions to the baby made them realize that they have bigger issues (e.g. Sami sees that Rafe is too judgmental and Rafe sees that Sami is too selfish), then I think the break-up has more teeth. I think we have to see what happens with their fight next week to judge how real the break-up is.
This is how I see it, as well. I feel like the post-wedding fight was the warning shot, so to speak. They were both vehemently defending their sister/son and that was driving their anger - but the way they went about it really does speak to the weakness that's always been evident in their relationship. Rafe has a really hard time seeing that version of Sami - the vindictive, vicious streak that comes out when she feels violated, betrayed, threatened, etc. And Rafe's judgmental attitude has always been a problem. Rafe had Will tried and convicted when it came to 'shirking' his responsibilities as the baby's father and he saw Gabi as a victim, pure and simple. Looking back it's a pity he didn't show the same protective, loyal instincts to Arianna.

I think the next fight(s) will continue to bring their underlying issues to the surface. And in the meantime the writing for Everett is done to show a sharp contrast - understanding and supportive versus combative and indignant. It seems to me the plan is to continue to evolve EJeverett into the new Lexi-ized DiMera. Loves his family and is supportive of his siblings but working hard to distance himself from his father's ways and focusing on setting a good example for his own kids and building a life of his own. My guess is in the end it was the only way TPTB would finally attempt to go with EJami (for however long that lasts). For whatever reason they've always seemed to feel that Sami has to be perceived as a heroine in order to be a lead and thus couldn't be with EJ in a real relationship. Perhaps EJeverett is their solution to that - and bringing Kristen on the canvas just after losing Lexie gave them the opportunity to put it in motion.
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