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Jan 17 2013, 01:40 PM
I feel like the post-wedding fight was the warning shot, so to speak. They were both vehemently defending their sister/son and that was driving their anger - but the way they went about it really does speak to the weakness that's always been evident in their relationship. Rafe has a really hard time seeing that version of Sami - the vindictive, vicious streak that comes out when she feels violated, betrayed, threatened, etc. And Rafe's judgmental attitude has always been a problem. Rafe had Will tried and convicted when it came to 'shirking' his responsibilities as the baby's father and he saw Gabi as a victim, pure and simple. Looking back it's a pity he didn't show the same protective, loyal instincts to Arianna.

I think the next fight(s) will continue to bring their underlying issues to the surface. And in the meantime the writing for Everett is done to show a sharp contrast - understanding and supportive versus combative and indignant.
Yeah, I'm hoping that they will actually have Sami articulate the reason for her choice. They're obviously playing out the contrast between Everett and Rafe's reaction on-screen, but it would be nice if they made it clear that it's more than just an "in the moment" reaction to the Wabi baby issue. They certainly have done enough set-up over the past few months to make it a real choice. We've seen Everett be consistently encouraging and accepting of Sami and who she is (including her selfish indecisiveness). And on the other hand, we've seen Rafe level a fair number of judgments against her. I'd like for Sami to realize this and be explicit about why she's choosing as she is, because it's going to be difficult to see this triangle as really resolved if she doesn't.
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