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Jan 17 2013, 02:28 PM
I agree we're going to need to see the next Rafe argument to see if it brings out more issues beyond Sami and Rafe taking sides with their respective son/sister.

As far as Sami "choosing" Rafe, she never verbalized that. She went along with Rafe when he told her that he was the one she wanted. She obviously would have had sex with him, but she seemed a little taken aback when Will mentioned her moving in with Rafe. It seems apparent from this interview that this isn't the "choice" that Ali is referring to, and that her real choice is coming up. I expect that part of the story to make it clear that she is indeed making a definitive choice, based on the way she discussed it.

I also found it telling that when Rafe flat out said, "I love you, Sami Brady" before the wedding at the church she just looked at him, smiled and ran off - but didn't say it back. In the past, Sami would have been pouring on her "I love you so much"s the moment Rafe stated his intent.
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