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Jan 17 2013, 03:49 PM
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they ask if he'd be open to coming back & he says that he would be open to talking about it, but mentions that he hasn't talked it over with Kelly yet & that there are still a few places they'd like to travel & then ends his answer with some positive words about working with GT.
That's interesting to read about Tomlin when I've seen many people blame Tomlin for Peter's departure!
What's Peter supposed to say, "Gary sucks"? That'll get him invited back, lol!
i agree. he could've said nothing about Tomlin. I don't really believe what he did say. Especially since he left so soon after Tomlin's return. If Peter really thought so highly of Tomlin, why wouldn't he stick around and see what Tomlin would write for Bo (& by association, Hope)? Peter had more to do under MarDar than he did during the work-up to Bo's exit.
I think it's unfair of Peter to blame MarDar for not writing what the audience wanted. As i recall, people seemed to be very happy with what they wrote at the start of their stint (though i do think that they had quite a task to start an entire show worth of storylines at the same time). I think the changes in story came from higher-ups.
MarDar put Bo in a coma for weeks and weeks....and then sent Hope off with John to Alamania to revisit the PG years, which was VERY unpopular with the audience. So yeah, they sucked when it came to writing for Bo/Bope. MarDar was no fan of Bo Brady, and it showed.
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