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Spencer Hastings
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Okay, a few things here.

1. Justin is Sonny's FATHER. That means he's probably going to try to protect his son by protecting his son's boyfriend. Well, if this is real Justin and not TomSell Justin pod-person.

2. Will is still Nick's cousin, correct? Why doesn't a matriarch step in, have a nice little talk with them, and let this story line move on? Hell, have Bill come in and tell them how it sucks to have your family member claim your baby as his own. Have Austin and Lucas tell them what a mistake it is. Both totally different situations, but still SO EASY. I swear they forget that these two are both Hortons, but they don't forget to remind us about Daniel's connections....

3. On what grounds would Nick have Will be an unfit father? "Oh, he's got a lot of baggage, might have done something his dad covered up, and he's gay!".....says the man who just spent more than his given sentence in prison for stalking, kidnapping, drug abuse, and killing.

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