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I took PR's references to recent writers having Bo do things that are un-Bo-like to be about Higley/Whitesell/Tomlin, not about MarDar. I also took his reference to head writers coming in and bringing in their favorite actors/characters to also be a shot at Tomlin/Whitesell and maybe Higley, but especially at Tomlin and his fascination with Rafe/GG.

As has been mentioned, MarDar wrote some compelling scenes for Bope in finally dealing with the death of their son and trying to heal the Carbo era between them. I got the sense they wanted to write for Bope. And the coma stuff was horribly lame, but it was to accommodate PR's leave schedule, so I'll give them a slight pass (can't excuse the Pawn/Gina stuff though). Unfortunately, by the time that part aired, MarDar were on their way out, so we'll never know what else they had planned.

What we do know is that PR's decision to leave happened when he knew Tomlin/Whitesell were coming back in. Heck, he may have even heard that Crystal was being courted for a return and that TomSell planned to revive Carbo. In any case, Tomlin barely used him up until the few scenes where Bo was leaving.

As for the part about how things have changed since he was brought in, I get that, too. Back in the 80sn, the show was in a competitive growth phase. It had strong ratings and was able to take more risks and try new things. But in this current environment, where soaps are more mature and are facing cancellation, I hear what he's saying is that soaps should be balancing the expectations of their long-term loyal audience with the need to refresh and bring in new faces.

Lastly, it was nice to hear PR affirm that this wasn't about money. I believe him. As for art, well, yes, it's true that soaps aren't high art. But PR apparently wants to collaborate on good stories that maybe give him a chance to stretch as an actor rather than just show up for a paycheck. I admire him for that.

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