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I just don't believe Reckell's claim that he didn't leave because of money. Bo hasn't had a decent storyline since Zack died. Since then, the only thing that Bo's been involved in that I found interesting was the beginning of Carly's return. It didn't last though. And he hasn't had much since. Yet, Reckell remained on the show. I think Reckell chose to leave due to another paycut he just wasn't willing to take. At least being unemployed allows him to spend time with his family. He might not be getting a check anymore, but at least he can travel with his family, rather than getting paid less at work and still spending less time with family.

I do agree with what he said about keeping established characters around while bringing on new characters. Yes, Reckell was once a "Chad," but at least when he was the new kid on the show, he was constantly in scenes with other characters that helped establish him. Viewers may not have liked Bo when he first showed up because he was new, but they put up with him because he was in scenes with Alice and Roman and Marlena and Doug and Julie and many others. The show thinks they're doing that now by making Daniel related to Maggie, but at the same time, they're having Maggie (one beloved character) gloss over everything that Daniel's done in the past, negatively, because of their new biological bond. That doesn't do anything good for EITHER character. 30 years ago, Alice Horton or Marlena would have no problem calling Bo out on his shit, all while still developing a bond with the new character. I don't think new characters like Daniel and Rafe would be as hated if the same formula was used today. Instead, they're represented as saints when we've seen that's not true. The audience is not stupid.
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