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Jan 17 2013, 03:14 PM
Jan 17 2013, 02:49 PM
I watched the part of the first episode of VR where the misunderstood mistress was moaning into a microphone, and the direction was something like "less phone sex operator, more porn star," and it was all this serious attempt to make a hit song. And nobody thought that was inappropriate in the slightest, which made me feel disgusted with myself for watching the show and contributing to this culture wherein a young girl grows up aspiring solely to be famous, recording a "song" by making sex noises while a camera crew captures it all as though it's entertaining. So I vowed not to watch it again.

Can't quit my reality tv show habit in general, but I can at least stay away from that one. It was gross, imho.

I'm loving Atlanta lately. It's so much better without Kim, imho, though I wish they'd ditch Porsha.
I'll admit I'm watching Vanderpump Rules, but I'm horribly embarrassed by it and myself for watching. :-/

It is total and utter dog crap.
I watched the first episode as well and it just seemed so scripted. Stassi is a true bitch fest and how Lisa could allow that among her staff is beyond me. Pandora seems like such a nice girl, I cannot see her hanging out with the likes of Stassi. I did feel slightly bad for Sheana when Stassi was being nasty to her. But I had to lmao when she said she didn't leak any story about her an Eddie, seeing as how she said numerous times through out the episode she wanted to be famous. -_-

I couldn't bare to watch the 2nd episode. :blink:

Onto RHOBH, I cannot believe that Kyle went from being my favorite HW of the entire franchise to nothing. I cannot stand her anymore. She causes the shit and then steps back and watches the fireworks. When Brandi was going at it with Kim and a few others, Kyle's face was priceless. She was staring all wide eyed while eating something (as if it was popcorn to enjoy the show).

IMHO the only reason Mauricio told Brandi off and defended Adrienne (NOT knowing both sides) was because Adrienne is his client. My mouth hit the floor when Brandi told him that Adrienne started it with her first and his reply was "You probably deserved it" WTF is that all about? He understands why Adrienne hired the lawyer yet last year he thought it was a good idea to ask Russell and Taylor to leave the white party because of them "suing" Camille (who happens to also be Mauricio's client). Such a hypocrite. :flipoff:

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