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Jan 17 2013, 05:14 PM
Honestly, I don't think Nick is obsessed with the baby at all. He's obsessed with Gabi, and the baby is a means by which to control her. Having Gabi's handsome, sensitive and attentive but gay ex around is a threat to his control over her. And given what Nick went to prison for, we know that Nick is willing to go to extremes to have leverage over the women in his life, drugs or maybe not.
I think Nick is obsessed with the idea of family - of creating one, of safely existing in one, of maybe being grounded and protected by one. So I agree he is more concerned about keeping Gabi than he is baby-crazy, but I think he is ultimately this controlling and this obsessive to make a family stick. Or to prove dominance. I only surmise his homophobia plays into it b/c the homophobia has been so strong, like, pretty ubiquitous in Nick scenes. I also hope it's only partially related, but I think it plays a part in his current psychopathic ways.
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