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Jan 17 2013, 04:42 PM
EJ Lexi-ized? That sounds awful. If this version is meant to be that, then it's a writing of the character that veers far enough from the mold that some are inclined to consider him a different character. And something seems fishy about that approach, like it can't last for very long. And despite EJ's supposed acceptance and never-ending well of understanding, I very firmly believe Sami was "ready" to choose Rafe before the wedding fight. Not saying I love you when Rafe said it to her mattered very little to me to change my mind about it. Whenever the writing is so much person X is terrible for this reason, and person Y is wonderful b/c he conveniently and loudly acts opposite to that reason, I dunno, it always seems suspicious to me. But, oh, it doesn't matter, whether this half smile meant this and that tone meant that and the eyebrow raise the other day meant this. EJ has been plenty judgmental of Sami when he was upset with her - I remember his immediate conversation with her after the gruntsex truth came out. So mean. When a plot situation presents itself to pit people against each other, against each other they will be. This is the feeling I used to get about Rafe and Sami. Before the griefsex, I didn't think Rafe had been so betrayed by Sami that he would ever be inclined to leave or be irrevocably angered by her. The idea that Rafe was ok with Sami b/c she had told him her entire backstory - I just knew that when Rafe found himself in the middle of her tornado, he might not be so accepting (with good reason). And so when that happened, it made sense to me. I feel the same about any of Sami's men - they are equally capable of hating and forgiving Sami. Bah, it's just such a gobbeldy gooky mess.
Hence, the reason he is now called Everett by me and as many people as I can guilt/force into doing the same for the sake of my sanity.

He is a different character. EJ is suave, sweevil, and scarily hot. Everett is a curly mop of hair away from Hugh Grant. Everett doesn't scheme. In fact, he would be appalled by such things (which explains his irritation with Chad and Kristen). Everett is romantic, sweet, charming, and just plain adorable. He's also a bit boring and kinda dumb, but that's beside the point. He's still pretty to look at and, quite frankly, probably deserves Sami. It's a win-win.

Although you're right that it's probably not meant to last. I assume EJ will break out of whatever prison Everett is currently holding him in just as he did at various other times. Then Everett will break out of his prison again and take over again. And the beat goes on.
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